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Vascular Laser
Dr. Michele Burgess, MD - Chicago

The vascular laser is able to erase undesirable cosmetic features such as flesh moles and veins through safe, quick, and easy treatments. Dr. Burgess has been performing vascular lasers treatments for more than ten years, and she loves helping her patients gain confidence in their own skin through this easy and effective option.

Common Questions About Vascular Laser

How does the vascular laser work?

A vascular laser is a safe, same-day treatment for numerous skin conditions, including sun spots, spider veins, angioma, broken blood vessels, and certain types of moles and freckles. The laser works by targeting the hemoglobin and blood vessels below the surface of the skin. Targeted blood vessels and other type of growths absorb the energy of the laser and are subsequently destroyed.

Does vascular laser treatment hurt?

Patients should expect to feel a snap against the skin as the laser is working. Most patients don’t require any anesthesia, and there is no required downtime post-treatment. Patients are able to see results immediately.

What kind of laser does Loop Dermatology use?

Our office is equipped with the VariLite™ Dual Wavelength Laser System. Depending on the specific condition, treatments typically take about 15 to 30 minutes and require only a single treatment for desired results. Dr. Burgess will advise each patient on their individual case.

How long do results last?

Dr. Burgess is proud to offer vascular laser treatment for her patients at Loop Dermatology. Typically, she treats patients for broken blood vessels on the face, sun spots, skin tags and surface or flesh moles. She is happy to give a consultation to discuss your particular skin concerns.

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